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As one of the nation’s top financial professionals, Lance Thayer is held in the highest esteem by the many clients he serves across the country. Despite being involved in numerous ventures and activities, Lance knows it is essential to add a personal touch as he helps each client attain financial health and security through his advising services. With this mission in mind, he maintains a network of financial professionals to serve his clients in all 50 states.

Lance is a master coach to Baby Boomers and members of our Greatest Generation across the country, helping hundreds every year attain retirement goals on their own terms. Professionals within the financial services industry benefit from his expertise as well, both via one-on-one instruction and through marketing support organizations like the BluePrint Financial Marketing LLC, which he founded.

A financial professional with an extremely clear and direct style, Lance uses unique methods designed to help the 96 percent of Americans who are not satisfied with the results of their current financial planning. One of his programs, “Live for Today, Plan for Tomorrow,” has launched to great acclaim by the media within the financial planning world. His distinctive, unique and unorthodox income planning approach has garnered Lance the respect of the nation’s top financial advisors and CPAs.

Lance is the host of Money Lessons with Lance, a nationally syndicated radio show that takes a unique approach to planning for retirement. As Lance likes to say on his weekly show “it’s all about the check every month”, he gives his listeners creative ways to increase retirement income without having to risk hard earn dollars.

When Lance is not hard at work, he often can be found at the gym in the middle of an intense PX90 workout or on the soccer field watching youth sports. Lance and his wife of 18 years, Laine, are blessed with four beautiful daughters and their baby boy Golden Retriever, named Gumbeaux.

Above all, Lance is known for his no-nonsense – hard hitting communication style, his financial expertise and his caring heart. A creative force with a never-ending stream of income-producing ideas, Lance is always ready to lend a helping hand to those who wish to help themselves.